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Mixer Van Aarsen

Innovative concepts for a double shaft paddle mixer
To optimize the mixing of cattle feed; a cooperation with Van Aarsen.

Complete range
Van Aarsen supplies a complete range of double shaft paddle mixers for mixing cattle feed. The range consists of mixers from less than 2000 liters up to 16000 liters. These mixers are used by cattle feed manufacturers in The Netherlands, like Victoria Mengvoeders situated in Veghel and Isodorus Mengvoeders in Weert. But these mixers are also very well sold into other parts of the world like Brasil and Korea. Since many years Aandrijf Technisch Buro BV supplies power transmissions for similar applications within the Dutch and Belgian machine manufacturing market and therefore has a lot of experience in these application challenges.

Innovative concept
Together with Van Aarsen, Aandrijf Technisch Buro BV has put to paper the power transmissions for these paddle mixers. An electric motor by means of a V-belt transmission is driving a cardan shaft which is coupled to both of the gearboxes which are shaft mounted onto the paddle shafts by means of a shrink disc. In this setup the paddle shafts are driven synchronously and internal collisions of the paddles are prevented, which is an important factor for the reliability and the quality of the mixing process. To optimize the lifetime of the cardan shaft, the gearboxes are placed under a little angle to each other to ensure a good lubrication of the needle bearings in the cardan shafts and a longer lifetime can and will be achieved. It may look a little strange but is technically a better solution.

Further optimization
If an unexpected stop of a full mixer will occur, the motor power often is not big enough to get the mixer going again. In that case the mixer will have to be emptied by hand. With the option to mount a Transfluid hydraulic coupling onto the motor shaft this problem will be eliminated. In some executions Aandrijf Technisch Buro is using spacer rings between the hydraulic coupling and the V-belt pulley to place the driving pulley nearer to the motor bearing to avoid big overhung loads on the motor shaft end to ensure a longer lifetime of the motor.

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