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Car-tire Schredder

Planetary gearboxes on rubber shredder
Cooperation with Van Aarsen to find an optimal power transmission solution for the recycling of car tires.

Shredders from Van Aarsen
Van Aarsen is well known for the production of very reliable machines. To many industries worldwide these machines are supplied, like for example granulators, hammer mills, mixers, transporting systems, shredders etc. Since many years Aandrijf Technisch Buro BV supplies the power transmission solutions for many of those machines and in this case it concerns an electromechanical solution for the recycling of car tires of private cars.

Initially industrial gearboxes were selected to transmit the torque of 50.000 Nm at an output speed of 22 rpm. Different options under which also a planetary gearbox solution, were compared. Because of the relatively low output speed and the high economical and technical lifetime demands, the planetary solution was commercially much more favorable without any compromises to reliability and quality. At the benchmarking all components like motor, shafts, shrink discs and cooling were taken into consideration. In this design also a torque arm with a length of more than 2 meters had to be taken care of. Also the external cooling system with a maximum heat dissipation of 5 kW had to be considered.

Test run, supply and production
After consulting about the final mounting position of the motor, shafts and gearbox and some minor adjustments after the test run, several shredders are equipped with this power transmission solution of Aandrijf Technisch Buro . Because of the high installed motor power the gearboxes are equipped with a temperature sensor which automatically switches on the external cooling system if the gearbox oil temperature reaches a preset level. The shredders of Van Aarsen are known for their high quality and long lifetimes. Aandrijf Technisch Buro acts as an extension of the engineering department and provides such power transmissions that Van Aarsen can assure this high quality also in the future.

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