Linear transmissions

The major part of the linear drive package of Aandrijf Technisch Buro is produced by Setec S.p.a. in Turin, Italy. Setec is manufacturing a range of screw jacks of which the largest unit can take 150 tons, but also produces high dynamically linear modules that are driven by servo- or stepper motors. These last products are put on the market in the Benelux by our daughter company DTS Aandrijftechniek B.V.

For linear drives we limit our supply to the screw jacks and to linear actuators with max. capacity up to 10 ton eachs. Both of these products are often used in hoisting and lifting applications and a lot of other applications where only a linear movement is needed for a certain angle of rotation, adjustment of a machine or for example for clamping arrangements.

The added value of Aandrijf Technisch Buro is a combination thinking with and supporting of the customer’s engineers, combining the different components in our workshop and the testing of the complete power transmission solutions that are supplied after customers demands with a vast service experience.