Setec S.p.A. manufactures two kinds of linear actuators, both executions made with aluminum housing. The difference is this line is made by the bevel execution in which an internal worm wheel transmission is used and an in-line execution in which the spindle is mounted in line with the motor shaft. In the last execution the spindle is coupled directly to the motor shaft or to a small planetary gearbox at lower speeds by means of a servo coupling.

In contrast to the screw jacks, the actuators are always executed with a translating tube which is connected to a translating trapezium- or ball screw spindle. The unit is completely sealed and therefore protection against humidity and dust is guaranteed.

Linear actuators are used in many machines, installations and systems for alignment of different parts, opening or closing blinds and/or doors, locking of panels and a lot more. Also the in the interior building and decorating industries a lot of actuators are used.

Technical specifications of the Setec actuators are:

  • The bevel executions with a maximum capacity of 10.000 kg
  • The in-line execution with a maximum capacity of 6000 kg
  • Many different moving speeds are possible because of trapezium- and ball screw spindles
  • Input side with motor connection or at request with cylindrical input shaft
  • Options for limit switches, potentiometer, anti rotation execution etc.

Catalogue Setec Actuators