Wheel / Track drives

Wheel drives are used, as the name already says, as traction drives which are also called track drives. These units are equipped with very heavy conical bearings which can carry the heavy weights of the vehicles they are mounted on.

The rotating housing or casing of these drives is used for direct mounting of a wheel or for sprocket segments for caterpillar vehicles. In standard execution these units are ready to mount hydraulic motors on and are also equipped with hydraulically lifted holding brakes. Aandrijf Technisch Buro has supplied these so called wheel / track drives for a wide range of applications with mounted electric motors.

Technical specifications of the Dinamic Oil planetary wheel / track drives are:

  • Execution for wheel- as well as for track drives
  • Output torques up to 850.000Nm
  • Standard executions in 2, 3 or 4 stage units
  • Equipped with mechanical seals as protection against dirty environment
  • Self supporting execution because of large conical bearings
  • Possible cooling systems as an option

Catalogue Dinamic Oil Wheel / Track drives