Planetary gearboxes

Aandrijf Technisch Buro has a very close cooperation with Dinamic Oil and is their representation for all kinds of planetary gearboxes in the Benelux. The gearboxes, completely manufactured in Italy, have a wide range in output torque, even up to 4.100.000Nm which already have been sold by the manufacturer.

Planetary gearboxes are often very interesting alternatives to conventional gearboxes and are often used in winches, cranes, mixers, shredders, traction drives and many more. Aandrijf Technisch Buro is particularly strong in engineering and selecting planetary gearboxes that can fulfill the customers wishes and which are not to be found in a standard catalogue.

The planetary gearboxes that can be supplied as in-line or as bevel units have many possible executions as well in mounting positions as in ratio’s, because of their modular design. The input side of these gearboxes can be prepared for the mounting of an electric motor, an hydraulic motor or with a free input shaft for the mounting of a V-belt- or chain drive. The output side can be supplied with male cylindrical shafts, female hollow shafts in cylindrical execution with shrink disc as also hollow shaft with keyway or spline connection.

Technical specifications of the Dinamic Oil planetary gearboxes are:

  • Maximum output torque up nto 4.100.000Nm with shaft diameter of 620mm
  • Ratio’s up to 20.000 : 1
  • IEC motor adaptors or bell housings, SAE hydr. motor adaptors or cylindrical input shafts with keyway
  • Option for internally mounted hydraulically lifted negative failsafe brake
  • Execution as foot mounted, flange mounted, shaft mounted with torque arm or with rotating casing
  • Material and or test certificates from manufacturer or from external certifying bodies
  • Wide range of standard executions, but also complete customized executions are possible

Catalogue Dinamic Oil Planetary Gearboxes