Industrial gearboxes

Regarding the industrial or conventional gearboxes Aandrijf Technisch Buro is cooperating with the Italian manufacturer GSM S.p.A. This manufacturer produces parallel and bevel helical gearboxes in standard or customized execution. The turnover from GSM is almost equally divided over the standard and the special built gear units for which also certificates and type approvals can be supplied.

Industrial gearboxes are known for the heavy bearings and the wide gearing which secure a long lifetime and heavy shock loads are easily taken. The application range for these gearboxes is very wide. We at Aandrijf Technisch Buro have offered the market already many solutions for example for winches, pipe laying equipment, hoisting equipment, mixers, pump drives and also shredder drives.

Technical specifications of the GSM industrial gearboxes are:

  • Standard output torques up to 692.000Nm, and bigger torques are available on request
  • Standard up to 4 stage units, for larger ratio’s a pre stage is used
  • Input side with cylindrical shafts with key possible with IEC bell housing
  • Executions in foot mounted version, flange mounted- or shaft mounted version with torque arm and several inputs possible
  • Split cast iron or steel welded housing, possibly manufactured to customers specifications
  • Wide range of standard executions and possible mounting positions, but also completely manufactured after customer specification like for example a possible mounting of a water cooled brake on an intermediate shaft.
  • Optional material and/or test certificates from the manufacturer or external certifying bodies are possible.

Catalogue GSM Industrial gearboxes