Fluid couplings

The fluid couplings also called start up couplings which are supplied by Aandrijf Technisch Buro are manufactured by Transfluid, Italy. Since many years this coupling is used as a start up coupling where the oil filling is providing a slow start up with a high starting torque. The couplings can be supplied with an optional pre-chamber to secure an extra slow start-up.

These couplings, also named as hydraulic couplings, are often used at belt conveyors, mixers and agitators, crushers and shredders where the opportunity exists that the drive will be stalled while the machine is still filled with material and the motor will not have the capacity to start up the filled machine. Therefore this coupling offers a excellent solution.

Technical specifications of the Transfluid fluid couplings are:


  • Availability for motor powers from 0,25kW up to 2300kW with a maximum speed of 3000rpm
  • Possible executions with V-belt pulley, ( gear ) coupling, brake drum, brake disc, pre-chamber etc.
  • Bore for motor shaft with finish bore and keyway or with taper bushing, depending on the size
  • Monitoring system by means of melting plus, mechanical switch or infrared temperature measurement system
  • Couplings can be supplied with ATEX certificate on request.

Catalogue Transfluid Fluid Couplings