Disc couplings

Aandrijf Technisch Buro supplies disc couplings which are also completely manufactured by Trans-Moto in Italy. They produce a wide range of disc couplings completely manufactured out of steel. The complete range is using discs made of stainless steel 304 and ground connecting bolts. The range covers nominal torques from 100 Nm up to 65.000 Nm.

Disc couplings are used in transmissions where the coupling has to be torsion rigid, but where an exact alignment is difficult. Think of motor-gearbox connections, motor-pump connections and diverse wheel- and spindle drives. On request the couplings can also be supplied made out of special and certified materials, optional with specific material heat treatments to raise the Charpy values at low temperatures.

Technical specifications of the Trans-Moto disc couplings are:

  • Available for nominal torques up to 65.000Nm
  • Smaller sizes available for speeds up to 12.000rpm
  • Maximum allowable bore with keyway is 205mm
  • High torsion rigidity, maintenance free and possible for high peripheral speeds
  • Many different hub lengths and different flange executions

Catalogue Trans-Moto Disc Couplings