Disc Brakes

The disc brakes from IBS are supplied according to DIN Normalization and the frames are cut out of steel sheets so also low environmental temperatures do not have to be a problem. The disc brakes can be supplied up to a braking torque of 22.000 Nm.

Technical specifications of the IBS drum brakes are:

  • Equipped with a spring loaded and electro-hydraulically lifted brake thruster
  • Available from size 160 up to 710 with step less adjustable brake torques up to 22.000Nm
  • Completely built according to DIN Normalization, depending on execution
  • Special voltages and frequencies available
  • Optional automatic wear compensation, support for vertical mounting positions, Stainless steel parts, signalizing limit switches for brake open/closed, wear and rest stroke


Catalogue IBS Disc Brakes