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Pipetensioner Solitaire

12 Planetary gearboxes for SAS Gouda BV 
“A professional approach, a proper consultation and knowledge exchange”

SAS Gouda BV, worldwide market leader for high quality offshore equipment, under which pipe tensioners, pipe handling equipment and several kinds of big winches. SAS developed a 1050 mt tensioning system, existing of three pipe tensioners , each with a pulling force of 350 mt for Allseas Engineering BV, based in Delft the Netherlands. Allseas is worldwide active in the offshore and oil- and gas industry with different pipe laying vessels, under which The Solitaire, the largest and most advanced pipe laying vessel in the world. SAS required a custom made power transmission system from Aandrijf Technisch Buro BV, specifically made for the application on the Solitaire.

Solution with coupled planetary gearboxes
Aandrijf Technisch Buro BV therefore built a power transmission system, existing of planetary gearboxes with a bevel input stage, with a rotating casing with an nominal output torque of 650.000 Nm. The bevel input stage was equipped with a steel welded bell housing in which the necessary disc brake was built in and to which the electric motor could be mounted. The rotating casing of the gearboxes were coupled two by two with a steel tube with welded on flanges to which the sprocket segments could be mounted. The tube was also used as an oil reservoir for the lubricating oil and provided sufficient thermal capacity for the system which saved space and costs for the cooling system compared to traditional systems. Needless to say that the gearboxes had to meet the specific requirements SAS requested. To secure an optimum operation of all the parts, all the aspects of the transmission process were put to paper, which demands a professional approach, perfect communication and exchange of knowledge because the complete production process that affects the power transmission was taken into account. But also creativity comes into play to secure the productivity and the correct functioning of these large special machines, like the ones for the Solitaire.

Risk reduction trough own assemblies
According to the technical specifications and approved drawings, the concept of Aandrijf Technisch Buro BV was implemented as soon as possible. Besides quick deliveries, safety and reliability, our company also guarantees a personal approach and consultation with the customer. Not only standard catalogue components are supplied but also, like in this case, custom built power transmission systems. Aandrijf Technisch Buro BV has a vast experience in engineering and can be used as an extension of the engineering department of the customer. Not only the power transmission parts were supplied to SAS Gouda BV, but also the assembly of the supplied brackets between the bevel- and the planetary stage. The mounting of the connecting tube between the left and right gearboxes was executed by Aandrijf Technisch Buro, as well as the mounting of the flexible couplings with brake disc and the brake calipers into the bell housings, was taken care of. The brake torque was set to the requested level in the well equipped modern workshop of the company after which the units ( each weighing 16 mt) were sandblasted and painted according to specification by a specialized company nearby. This meant for SAS Gouda BV that unpleasant surprises could be prevented.

At the acceptance test by SAS Gouda BV the inspector of Allseas Engineering was also present and leaking tests were executed on all gear units. The units were tested when running under no load on vibrations, noise and temperature development. These 6 complete units with each two planetary gearboxes were finally shipped to SAS Gouda BV who installed them on the pipetensioners. In this way the complete control over the project until the moment of supply stays under responsibility of Aandrijf Technisch Buro BV, which means that the quality of the product, the execution of the project and the promised delivery time can be guaranteed. In this way our customers can keep their promises.

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