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Mooring winches Upetrom

Special gearboxes for Mooring Winches Upetrom
‘Through knowledge and skills always possible to supply a solution’

From a member of the Rumanian group Upetrom Group Management, Servichii Petroliere ( GSP ), SAS Winches was rewarded with the supply 8 Mooring Winches for a pipe laying vessel. For this project Aandrijf Technisch Buro BV supplied the gearboxes with steel welded housing, equipped with a special output shaft. This output shaft with a diameter of 235 mm had a length of a little over 1100 mm and had a hexagon ending on which a switchable clutch was mounted. The gearboxes with a nominal output torque of 165.000 Nm all were equipped with a heating system with thermostat to be able to function also correctly under extreme cold conditions.

SAS Winches BV, belonging to the world leading manufacturers in the sector of winch manufacturing, was offered these special gearboxes that fulfilled all specifications and requirements by Aandrijf Technisch Buro BV. Quality, in combination with price and delivery time were the important factors to come to an agreement with SAS Winches BV. Aandrijf Technisch Buro BV knows that for their customers the gearboxes are the heart of a critical production application. Therefore also in this case a customized concept was supplied specifically for this application from SAS Winches BV.

In order to secure optimum quality, all demands and specifications from SAS Winches had to be met, for the used materials as well as for the production. For all parts material certificates were supplied and for the welded housing the requested welding certificates and tests were supplied. Thinking along with the customer concerning cost saving was a logical step in this process. Aandrijf Technisch Buro BV understands the problems and because of the knowledge and skills always able to offer a solution. The gearboxes were supplied with the extended output shaft from the manufacturer according to the demands from SAS Winches, which reduced the costs and risks for an extending separate pinion shaft and the necessary alignment and bearings for such a shaft. Unique products for which production skills, creativity and correct calculations are indispensable. Aandrijf Technisch Buro combines these skills in power transmission solutions.

To ensure an optimum reliability ( requested lifetime L10 = 100.000 hours ) the environmental conditions had to be taken into consideration; the Mooring winches should also be operational at very low temperatures. The ambient temperatures are very important; a too low temperature causes insufficient lubrication and the material properties will change. Insufficient lubrication causes damages to the gears and bearings, while the tensile strength of the materials diminishes at low temperatures. Therefore a thermostat measuring the temperature was installed and switched on a heating system mounted in the gearboxes when a certain temperature was reached. All units were sandblasted and received a 4 layer conservation system according to the specification. The units were supplied in time and SAS Winches could implement the gear units in time on the Mooring Winches.

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