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Frontier Drilling Bully 1 & 2

Frontier Drilling Bully 1&2 with power transmissions from Aandrijf Technisch Buro BV for Huisman Equipment, Gusto and SMST.
‘Efficient and effective cooperation’

Huisman Equipment and Gusto Projects BV, both situated in Schiedam The Netherlands are specialists and world market leaders in designing and building of installations for the Offshore Industry under which drilling- and pipe laying equipment, large offshore cranes and vessels. Huisman together with Gusto designed the revolutionary drilling ships Bully 1 & 2 for Frontier Drilling. The first of these two ships, equipped with a new drilling system is going to search for oil and gas for Shell. A ship with a complete new drilling tower and a carousel for the drilling pipes. A unique concept when it concerns safety, speed and efficiency.

The hull of the vessel is made in the Far East and equipped with the crucial products from Huisman Equipment, GustoMSC and SMST Designers and Constructors from the Netherlands. Aandrijf Technisch Buro supplies a big quantity of gearboxes and shaft connections to these three companies for the Bully 1 & 2. To Huisman and SMST the gearboxes for the cranes and the drilling tower were delivered. To Gusto 48 pinion gearboxes for the Thruster Retrieval System ( TRS ) were delivered.

Optimizing reliability
Aandrijf Technisch Buro supplied the power transmissions for the revolutionary drilling tower, winches and cranes from Huisman and SMST until an output torque of 220.000 Nm. For this, all qualities came together to supply durable, but above all reliable products. Some of the units were equipped with internal torque limiters or Pintsch Bamag disc brakes were mounted into the bell housings in the very well equipped workshop in Venlo. The Pintsch Bamag brakes were supplied by the sister company Euro Hübner Benelux BV, also situated in Venlo.

Cooperation to realize the requested delivery times
For the Thruster Retrieval System ( TRS ) was chosen for 48 pinion gearboxes. Aandrijf Technisch Buro BV has the knowledge and the skills to translate the requirements and the wishes from the customer into a specialized product. In this case special gearboxes were made, completely interchangeable with earlier used gear units, so that Gusto did not need to alter the drawing package. Because of this reason the system could be supplied in the requested delivery time. Also in booming times Aandrijf Technisch Buro makes sure that their customers can fulfill their obligations.
Aandrijf Technisch Buro cooperates with several internationally recognized manufacturers such as f.e. Dinamic Oil and GSM, who have been audited and who are capable of supplying certified products according to the wishes of the customers. Since Aandrijf Technisch Buro is an intermediate between the different power transmission manufacturers and the offshore machine builders, the best technical as well as the best commercial solution was found. Aandrijf Technisch Buro BV is acting as an extension of the customers engineering departments but also as a very reliable supplier of power transmission components.

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