Durable energy

Historical Green Energy

Green energy is hot and will be essential in the near future. Worldwide heavy investments are made on a broad scale for the production of green energy by means of windmills, solar cells, biogas systems and water turbines. These last ones are mainly used at large height differences in water levels, but the company BAT, Buro Aangepaste Technologie situated in Sittard in the province of Limburg, is also performing this principle for little height differences.

Groote Molen in Meerssen
In 2006, the Groote Molen in Meersen, a water-powered mill, was restored by BAT with a new electrical generator set to produce electrical energy out of water power. The new generator was equipped with a planetary gearbox used as a speed increaser to the electrical generator. In this way the small river “ De Geul “ was equipped with a modern hydroelectric energy station with an historical heart. Therefore called: Historical green energy.

Lifetime and reliability
BAT has a lot of experience in this market sector. A clear technical specification for the power transmission units was set up. One of the main demands was a very long requested lifetime with a maximum reliability of the system. The impact of eventual repair and maintenance are of major influence on the payback time on these kinds of investments. Aandrijf Technisch Buro is capable of calculating lifetimes for the gearboxes .This made it possible to select the optimal gearbox for this hydro electrical project. The special bell housing with elastic coupling was designed and produced by Aandrijf Technisch Buro BV. The necessary external heat exchanger for the cooling system of the gearbox was cooled by the water out of the river Geul.

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