Durable energy

Biogas "Thanks for the stench"

Fuel out of garbage by means of biogas systems
The optimizing of putrefaction processes for the production of electrical energy.

Biogas systems
Biogas is produced out of residues which are adapted for the fermentation process, or from products that specially have been grown for generating energy, like corn and elephant grass. This happens often in different steps where the product is mixed with water and heat. The fermentation is caused by bacteria and in this process, biogas is produced and waste products remain. The gas is used for generating energy and warmth. The energy is mainly supplied as so called green energy to the energy supplier and the warmth is often used in the own company.

Reliability and quality
The quality of the gas is highly important. This gas is used in an internal combustion engine, the main investment in a biogas system. The reliability as well as the lifetime of this engine has an impact on the price of the produced energy and heat, which means that this has a high influence on the pay-back time and the profit of the system.

Mixing, transporting, etc.
The quality of the gas is for a big part determined by the used ingredients and the correct control of the mixing- and fermentation process. The quality and the substance of these ingredients can differ per batch, which means that transportation and mixing processes must be able to respond very flexible. In a biogas plant often dozens of power transmissions units are necessary in different executions and sizes.

Selecting of the correct power transmission unit
Aandrijf Technisch Buro selects with their customers in this industrial sector, the correct power transmission unit for each application. Main factors in this selection are of course the technical specification, but also the environmental situation. For the low speed mixers in the fermentation tanks often a planetary gearbox is chosen. In the pre-mixers and/or the hydrolyses often industrial gearboxes or gear motors are used because of the high shock loads as a result of the less homogeneity of the mixed or stirred products. Gearboxes, electric motors and couplings can be supplied with ATEX certificates. Together with their customers Aandrijf Technisch Buro helps to keep the costs for the generated energy and heat as low as possible.

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