Screw jacks

Screw jacks exist of an aluminum or cast iron housing in which a worm gear transmission is mounted with which a trapezium- or ball screw spindle is mounted. The execution can be with a translating spindle which is moved up and down through the threaded hole in the worm wheel, or with a traveling nut that moves over a turning spindle which is mounted in the worm wheel by means of key/keyway and is not translating.

The screw jacks manufactured by Setec Italy can accept a maximum load of 150 tons, or 1500 kN each. So, significant loads can be moved in linear vertical- but also in a horizontal way, for pulling as well as for pushing. An important aspect at the selection of the correct spindle element is the guidance of the moving load in which Aandrijf Technisch Buro performs an advising role for their customers.

Technical specifications of the Setec screw jacks are:

  • Aluminum housing for the units with allowable loads from 500 to 10.000 kg
  • Cast iron housing for the units with allowable loads from 5000 to 150.000 kg
  • Trapezium or ball screw spindle execution for translating spindle or with travelling nut
  • Single or double cylindrical input shaft with key or with IEC motor connection
  • Optional stainless steel spindle, protection bellow, protection tube, stop or safety nut, limit switches, anti rotation execution etc.

Catalogue Setec Screw jacks