Shift gearboxes

Besides the standard bevel-helical and parallelshaft gearboxes that GSM produces, they also produce shift gearboxes. These gearboxes have the possibility to have more then one different ratio's and/or a neutral position. This neutral position is often used for a free fall when the gearbox is used in a winch. In this case the load is controlled by a dynamic brake.

These shift gearboxes are mostly used in winches or teststands.

Since shift gearboxes are mostly engineered and produced according to customer specifications we ask you to contact us for more information.

Technical specifications of the GSM shift gearboxes are:

  • Shift gearboxes in bevel-helical and parallelshaft execution
  • Different ratios with or without neutral position
  • Intermediate output shafts available to mount for example a dynamic water cooled brake
  • Material and of test certificates or type approvals from manufacturer of from external certifying bodies like DNV, ABS, Lloyd's. Bureau Veritas etc are possible