Gear couplings

Also the gear couplings supplied by Aandrijf Technisch Buro are completely manufactured in Italy by Trans-Moto. They produce a wide range of gear couplings which are completely manufactured out of steel. Trans-Moto owns a comprehensive production facility with a lot of gear cutting machines for all the different sizes of modules. The gear coupling range covers allowable nominal torques up to 15.700.000 Nm and peak torques up to 31.400.000 Nm. This largest coupling has an own weight of over 27 tons.

Gear couplings have a very wide range of application possibilities, but mainly in those applications where high torques have to be transmitted, as for example on the output shaft of a gearbox. We know applications as pump drives, wheel drives, winch drives and a lot more. On request the couplings can also be supplied made out of special and certified materials, optional with specific material heat treatments to raise the Charpy values at low temperatures.

Technical specifications of the Trans-Moto gear couplings are:

  • Available up to nominal torques of 15.700.000Nm with peak torques up to 31.400.000Nm
  • Smaller sizes available for speeds up to 10200rpm
  • Maximum allowable bore diameter is 1180mm
  • Many different executions regarding hub lengths, seals, mounting positions and even switchable
  • Can also be supplied with brake drum or brake disc.

 Catalogue Trans-Moto Gear Couplings