Flexible couplings

Aandrijf Technisch Buro supplies flexible couplings from the manufacturer Trans-Moto which are produced completely in Italy. Trans-Moto produces a wide range of flexible pin and bush couplings which are completely turned out of a one piece steel. Because of this and also because of the choice of material for the elastic bushings the couplings can be used from – 30 degrees C up to + 120 degrees C. Therefore the couplings can be used in many applications like belt conveyors, traction drives, winches and cranes.

Trans-Moto manufactures the PN series as a standard shaft to shaft coupling, with brake drum or brake disc and as a spacer coupling. The couplings are used quite often by Aandrijf Technisch Buro in combination with IBS drum- or disc brakes. On request the couplings can also be supplied made out of special and certified materials, eventual with specific material heat treatments to raise the Charpy values at low temperatures.

Technical specifications of the Trans-Moto elastic couplings are:

  • Available until a nominal torque up to 140.000Nm
  • In the smaller sizes speeds up to 16.000rpm are possible
  • Maximum allowable bore diameter is 280mm.

Catalogue Trans-Moto Flexible Couplings